How to have fun with your pet jumping beans:

  1. If your jumping beans have been in a cool place they may like to warm up for a few minutes in your hand or pocket before they are ready to play.
  2. Jumping beans respond to light and moderate sound.
  3. Place them near a bright light and talk to them until they start to jump.
  4. Use your magnifier to take a closer look at your jumping beans.
  5. Notice how each jumping bean has a unique personality.
  6. Name your jumping beans.
  7. Ask your teacher if you can bring your jumping beans to school for show and tell.
  8. Draw or take pictures of your jumping beans.
  9. Write stories or poems about your jumping beans.
  10. Share your pictures and stories on the BEAN BLOG (
  11. Play games with your jumping beans. Use the enclosed games or make up your own.
  12. Learn about the life cycle of the jumping bean at
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