Ask mom or dad if they have seen or played with mexican jumping beans.

Chances are their faces will light up and a big smile will appear. Why?

They probably remember the first time they saw Jumping Beans. Jumping beans are one of natures most amazing little creatures.

At you can find out all about jumping beans, what they are and what makes them jump.

We have lots of them waiting to find a good home with you.

Can you take good care of them? We think you can, but first you need to learn all about Jumping Beans This is the place to start.

First of all, Mexican Jumping Beans are not really beans, they are SEED PODS that grow on a bush found only in Alamos Mexico. A tiny moth lays its eggs on the plant, and the seed grows around the tiny baby moth called a larva. The beans "jump" when the larva inside the pod moves.

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  • So have fun, play safe, and treat your little pet beans as nicely as you would want them to treat you.